Medical Care

Dr. Sonia Rapaport specializes in unraveling complicated diseases such as:

  • Some patients come to us with a diagnosis that has a known cause such as Lyme disease or mold exposure, but despite care targeting these causes, they are no better or have gotten worse.
  • Other patients come to us with symptoms and diagnoses such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) or a type of dysautonomia such as POTS, but the cause(s) of those diagnoses and symptoms haven’t been identified. They know that their symptoms are a response to a hidden trigger.
  • And sometimes, people come to us feeling sick, but no diagnosis for their symptoms has been found. “I’m the sickest healthy person my doctor knows,” is a comment we hear often. And sadly, too many times these people have been told that it’s in their head

Wherever your story fits in these scenarios, we’re here to help you find the missing pieces and address them. Together, we help our patients move beyond the diagnosis, empowering them to proactively participate in a treatment program that is compassionate, proactive, and restorative.

Phone and Video Consultations

Many of our patients have had a lot of testing and have seen many health care professionals before they begin working with Dr. Rapaport, but they generally don’t feel that they are improving. They believe that something is missing in their care or that the treatment is moving in the wrong direction. 

In order to determine if Dr. Rapaport can provide that new direction for investigation or care, she requires a brief consultation via phone or video prior to working with an individual. These consultations are the first step to becoming a patient, but she cannot diagnose, provide recommendations, or treat during the phone or video consultation until you have been accepted into an evaluation or treatment program at Haven Medical.  

If you are interested in scheduling a phone or video consultation to discuss your medical concerns, please contact our office to request a New Patient Inquiry form.  Once you submit the completed form, Dr. Rapaport will review your information and we will contact you to schedule a consultation. Consultations are 20 to 30 minutes and are designed to identify areas of evaluation and potential treatment options.

We value and protect all the information you provide to us; we adhere to all HIPAA guidelines and laws and use current encryption technologies and protocols to ensure your information is protected.  Active patients at Haven Medical have protected access through Haven’s Patient Portal.  

Dr. Rapaport cannot prescribe any medications or supplements unless you are an established patient. The phone or video consultation offered are intended for educational and informational purposes only. Many of the illnesses and symptoms with which patients struggle are highly controversial; information provided in these consultations represent only Dr. Sonia A. Rapaport’s most current clinical experience and knowledge.

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